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Make service visits
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Make service visits music to their ears

SiriusXM's Service Lane for Shops Program is Free for Shops

Build loyalty with your auto service and repair customers with a 3-Month Trial Subscription to our best package.

Free for Shops. No credit card required. No kidding.

The SiriusXM® Service Lane for Shops program is free for shop owners, designed to complement your customer service and loyalty incentives. Thank your customers by giving them 3 months of SiriusXM - even those without SiriusXM-equipped vehicles.

3-Month Trial Subscriptions

Participating in the program is a great way to show your gratitude for your customers' business and requires no effort from the shop. Join today and we'll notify your eligible customers about their trial subscription so they can start enjoying the unparalleled entertainment only SiriusXM can provide.

How it works

Complete the SiriusXM Service Lane for Shops Program online enrollment form and that's it! We take care of all the rest.

SiriusXM will notify your eligible customers about their 3-month Trial Subscription.

Trial eligibility

Eligible customers with SiriusXM-equipped vehicles will be notified by SiriusXM about their Trial Subscription.

Eligible customers with non-equipped vehicles, are covered too with our Premier Streaming trial subscription.

Treat your customers to the best entertainment with SiriusXM.

What happens after I enroll?

Once active in the program, we will notify your eligible service customers about their trial subscription.

Exclusive Opportunities

As a member of our Shops Program you have a chance to win Exclusive Experiences throughout the year. Your customers get trial subscriptions of the best entertainment. You get a chance to win big.

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Your Customers Can Listen Anywhere

Listen Inside and Outside of the Car Icon
Inside + Outside the Car

3-Month Trial Subscription of SiriusXM ($80 value add) with over 150+ channels in the car, plus even more on the app and online for eligible customers with equipped vehicles.

Streaming Only Icon
Streaming Only

3-Month Trial Subscription of SiriusXM Premier Streaming** ($39 value add) with over 300+ channels on the app, online and at home for eligible customers with non-equipped vehicles.

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